Vaginal Care Products – Is There a Need For Vaginal Moisturizers?

One of the most common questions that women ask is whether there is a need for special vaginal care products. In fact, your vagina is designed to self-digest, which means that your main task is to monitor and keep a clean, healthy surrounding environment around you at all times. Despite what you might read, there are absolutely no special requirements or products for proper vaginal care and vulva hygiene. In short, the only thing you need to keep in mind with proper vaginal care is regular cleaning and health maintenance.

vaginal care


One concern that many women have is the concern over vaginal dryness. While vaginal dryness is a concern for some women, it should not be the sole basis for deciding between whether or not you need special care products to maintain healthy and attractive genitals. In general, vaginal dryness can be caused by several factors, such as the loss of estrogen (due to pregnancy), bacterial or fungal infection, and hormonal change. While these conditions can certainly contribute to vaginal dryness, in most cases they will only be a problem after some time, usually after giving birth.


Vaginal dryness can also be an indicator of more serious vaginal problems, including yeast infections, fibroids, cysts, and scar tissue. Fortunately, however, treatment for any of these vaginal conditions can be very effective and often very simple. Many women choose to use natural remedies, such as plain unsweetened yogurt, organic apple cider vinegar, or plain, unscented soy milk instead of vaginal moisturizers. These natural remedies work to both restore and sustain healthy levels of vaginal lubrication, which makes it easier to avoid the irritation and discomfort of vaginal dryness.

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