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Online Shoppers Club – Is it For You?

Online Shoppers Club

There is a new entrant in the Online Shopping Club Market and it is Online Shoppers Club. Online Shoppers Club is owned by Estee Lauder Companies, which has been trying to reinvent itself from the ground up since Estee Lauder began its Web site in 1998. Estee Lauder is known for many of its cosmetics, nail care products, and personal care lines. So, what is the difference between Web Center Coupons and Web Shopping Reviews?


Well, the main difference between the two is that the former are web-based coupon sites while the latter are actual sites with articles about the products being reviewed. The reviews themselves can be informative and/or entertaining. But, they are not meant to be an advertising vehicle for the products. For example, a beauty site could have a review of one of the latest products, a movie review of a certain film, or a list of things to do next weekend. These are all things that can be considered non-advertising related.


Online Shopping Clubs however, is websites that are specifically made for members to use in order to receive discounts from other websites. Web Centers is web-based coupon database websites, while Web Sites are websites that offer coupons, usually with a link to the parent company’s website. Therefore, if you wanted to buy a cheap watch online, you’d type in “watch cheap online” into your browser and come up with a list of websites that offer discount watches. You could then browse through the list and see which websites offer the best discounts and/or which coupons are the most beneficial.


The Online Shopping Club is different in that it combines the benefits of both Web sites and coupons. With the Online Shopping Club, you register as a member and agree to receive emails regarding discounts and promotional codes. You also receive newsletters and other mailings regarding new online deals. By signing up, you agree to the privacy policy of the site as well as the terms and conditions of the coupons offered.


Many online clubs offer different ways to redeem your discounts and coupons. Some websites give their members a coupon book containing a list of participating stores. With this information, you can simply go to the participating store and redeem your coupon. Others require that you provide an email address as proof that you are a current member. Once you’ve proven that you are a legitimate member, they will then issue your discount. Some companies even issue discount coupons electronically so you’ll have an email for each store with the discount.


However, some online discount coupon sites do not charge a fee for becoming a member. Instead, the organization pockets most of the operating cost. In return, you receive discounts from hundreds of different stores online. There are no membership fees to become a website owner. You can browse and find discount coupons without ever leaving your home.